You will find some of the camera brands and models we regularily work on below:

In the following listing you find the camera models and lenses we repair:
AGFA Isolette, Superisolette, Billy Record, Karat
CANON A1, AE1, AL, AV1,EF,FTb, F1, EOS 500, 1000, 600 serie. all lenses.
FUJI AX (CR-Porst) STmodels, GS 645, GW 690,lenses.
HASSELBLAD 500er serie C/M – motorcameras, lenses C/CF
KODAK Retina, Retina Reflex, lenses.
KONICA T-models, lenses.
LEICA Leicaflex, R3 – R7 , M series, srew mount leica, CL, lenses R+M.
LINHOF Technica, tripods, lenses.
MINOX 35 serie – GL-GT-ML.
MAMIYA M 645, 220/330, M series 6/7, RB, rollfilm holder, lenses
MINOLTA Autocord, SRT serie, CLE, XE,XD,XG,XM, X serie, 7000-9000, Dynax models, all lenses
NIKON EM, FE,FM, FG, lenses.
OLYMPUS 35 models, RC, RD etc. OM 1, OM 2, OM 10-40. lenses.
PENTAX ES, Spotmatic, K and P serie, ME/S, MZ models, 6×7 bodies, lenses
PENTACON (PRAKTICA) L models, Pentacon Six ,Exakta 66,SCHNEIDER and Carl ZEISS JENA lenses
RICOH XR and KR models, lenses
ROLLEI Rollei 35 all models. XF , Rolleiflex (twin lens) all models. SL 35 E, SL 66-E,SL Rolleiflex 35 /350, all lenses
VOIGTLÄNDER old folding cameras, Bessa, Perkeo , Bessamatic, Vitessa, Prominent, Vito, Vitomatic, lenses
YASHICA FR, Contax models, FX, Yashica Mat, lenses
ZEISS-IKON Contax , Ikonta, lkoflex, Contessa, Contina, Contaflex lenses
large format shutters Copal, Compur, Prontor
In addition our repair services include binoculars, tripods, darkroom enlargers and light meters (excluding projectors). We also provide customized parts on request .
This list is not intended to be exhaustive.We are happy to address your queries in a personal exchange or by  telephone . Please do not hesitate to contact us, we also speak English and French .

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